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Never Look Back

A few weeks ago, I had Chinese food for dinner unexpectedly in the takeaway bag was a fortune cookie, I love fortune cookies they are a classic. When I opened it and read the tag it said, ‘NEVER LOOK BACK’, I didn’t give it much thought but today it takes on a whole new meaning. Today I feel as though I have walked through a vortex into a new reality, all I had to do for that to happen was to completely let go.

Let go of what you may ask? Well it was letting go of expectations of myself to myself, expectations of how I felt I should be treated by others and expectations of how others want me to treat them. With that release I also realise that I am ok with being me, I don’t need to change my core beliefs to please or be accepted by others. I just need to be ok with me and allow others to be ok with themselves. I need to feel free to follow my visions and dreams to let them manifest into reality with love and nurturing, not by expecting.

So, as I move forward I can Never look back. I can never allow myself to look back and say I wish I had or I wish I had not. I think its also important to remember that, just because things are how they are today it does not necessarily mean that’s how they will be tomorrow. Holding onto the past and stressing about the future which probably won’t even happen how you vision it in your mind is a waste of time and energy. In saying that also create the awareness that the person you were yesterday is not the person you will be tomorrow or even in 1 or 2 hours time. The basic fundamentals of who you are will be the same, but you can choose to let go of past hurt and/or anger to reinvent yourself for the future.

Take time to look at why you are looking back, and you will find the answer you are looking for to help you move on. Write down everything that makes you upset or angry and in a practical way realise why you are upset with yourself. Healing and moving forward is different to disconnection from your emotions and moving on with self imposed barriers to keep you safe from future hurt.  At some stage in your life you need to be the most important person to yourself, your health and happiness need to be a priority over everyone else’s health and happiness.